[SOLVED] Extension Won't Update Viewer.html or Viewer.js with next version

Previously I released an extension version 0.0.1.

And then I added a version 0.0.2, which I can do a hosted test, but not all the files are updating. Update zip files are only able to update the config.html.

I edited the viewer.html page to include SVG vector images instead of PNG images. And one BGR to RGB fix on the display panels.

I uninstalled the previous Chroma extension and installed the new version.

This version should be coming up as the hosted test.

It appears the automated versioning broke somehow.

Any help is appreciated.

Happy New Year!


I just realized what happened. When I installed the extension I expected it to be the same version on all pages that used that extension. But it’s the broadcasters that control the extension version that appears on their page.

Not quite, broadcasters (unless on your whitelist and thus installed the extra test version) for your version will only have installed the most recent released version. And when you release they need do nothing to get the new version.

Generally broadcasters will only have the release version available and installed for them