Some question about API

Greetings, interested a few moments.

  1. is it possible to disable the logo on the in-dash video (say an affiliate program or other method)

  2. in the API have information about html5 player, but he is not working, is this normal?

  3. in API not displayed correctly delay.

1.) Not currently supported.
2.) The HTML5 player is under development, so it is not “stable” in that sense. If you do notice it not working for an extended period of time, feel free to reach out.
3. Can you clarify what you mean by this, maybe with an example?

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  1. too bad

  2. that’s the problem, no matter how much he tried to run html5 not constantly available

    “delay”: 0

in my opinion this option is not displayed correctly

  1. very strange, went to the site StarCraft, they do not have a logo Twitch, I have embedded videos on the site and hanging logo …

Do you know if they were on the current version of the player? That is the only player that will be supported. I believe older versions of the player did support changing the logo, but as it is the new player does not (at this time).

What do you mean by not working? HTML5 is only supported on a few platforms (some mobile browsers, and desktop safari), so this may be throwing some false flags as to why it’s “not working.”

What channel was the delay not working on? Setting a 60 second delay did seem to work properly for me:

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i am about{CHA}{CHA}

i start stream with 77s delay…




Ah! That is delay set locally through OBS. The API refers to delay set by us, server side. That server side delay is only available to partners.

There is no way in the API to tell exactly how much delay someone has set locally, as is your case.

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