Unable to chat anywhere besides own stream

I’m experiencing something really weird: i’m unable to chat anywhere in twitch except in my own stream chat.

The chat acts as if i was sending all my messages correctly (no notification of any kind) but I verified they don’t come thru. I’m not banned, or at least not apparently banned because i d’nt get a notification that i am, and this is happening to me even in streams i’ve never been to.

This is happening both via IRC and through the web browser.

Is this an anomaly?

Your account might have been globally muted in channels where you do not have moderation privilege due to frequent timeouts or bans. Either way I would recommend contacting support since it isn’t directly an API integration issue: https://help.twitch.tv/customer/portal/emails/new

Yes that might be it because I can talk on channels where i’m modded… are global mutes permanent or temporary?

Temporary, I do not remember the duration.

What’s your twitch ID or username?

Same as here, RoryBellows.
Weird, I changed the email address associated with my twitch account to a gmail account (it was with another mail service address) and now I can chat.

Is it possible that twitch is blacklisting people based on their email address providers?

The best way to check into this is to contact support. This is a forum to help with third party integrations with Twitch, so we can’t do much about it.

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