Spam Filtering in overflowed Twitch chats

I was recently in a Live stream on the MLG channel watching the CS:GO: Columbus championship, and at peak there was over 600,000 viewers, which obviously meant chat was fast, and you could not see anything being said as it would fly past too fast.

I also saw a huge number of people being purged or timed out every other second, and was wondering how this is done, I know about r9k mode and channel moderators managing spam effectively, but was curious if there is any other spam management on Twitch that I do not know of? This is purely for my own curiosity and if should not be posted here just let me know!

Many Thanks! <3

It’s chat moderation bots automatically timing out users who post messages that match the configured filters.

Ah I see, I would expect certain key words and phrases are black listed as well then too add to this, Thanks.

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