Streaming two screens to one channel [Read on]

So, me and my friend want to start doing streaming together.
This is how we picture it;
On the screen, is one of our views fills the screen, while the second person is small in the corner (or not at all sometimes). Then, with the hit of a single hotkey, the roles are switched and it changes to the view of the other person being biggest.

Obviously, we can’t just stream to the same channel just like that.

So… what can we do to do this? We’ve thought about it quite a bit as in ways to do it, but the actual WAY to do those things we’re not sure how to do. We have a spare third PC that we can use.

The best way we cam up with is this;
We both use streaming software to record to a video file that can be watched live. This file is uploaded to somewhere and then downloaded to the third (streaming) PC. Basically sent from our PC’s to the PC which will broadcast.
The streaming PC then opens these videos up into OBS and multiple scenes are set up to make different views. The streaming PC then broadcasts that, and the two videos are synchronised to be in time with each other. And to change the scene, Both our PC’s would remotely be able to just hit a key a on our keyboard and the scene will change on the streaming PC.
This may sound simple (maybe?) but thing is, i have no idea how to do some of this stuff, like the whole sending of video thing.

So my question is, how would i go about doing this? Preferably all the software would be free but we can ‘‘spend money’’ on software :wink:

By the way, we can’t do it in the same building, it has to work over the internet.

This is something more suited for the OBS Forums. This forum is meant for developers seeking to integrate Twitch with their third party products.

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