Streams "broadcaster_software" Parameter

Hey, I recently saw a question on the NightBot forums, and they were asking if there was a way to determine the console automatically. Now, as far as I’ve looked into<ChannelName>?client_id=<Client-ID>

There’s nothing to indicate definitively without a doubt if something is being streamed from PC/PS4/XBOX1 I’ve heard you could look at the FPS and stream resolution to guess where the stream is originating from, but than I came across this topic

where they were only looking for Xbox 1, and I noticed in the generally accepted answer that the only thing different in the URL was the parameter broadcaster_software=candybox I tried to look at the github documentation for any mention of this parameter under the streams section, and I didn’t see any. So assuming that “candybox” is for streaming directly from the Xbox 1, what would you use to filter out for PS4 instead? My thought was, to determine if someone is streaming from a console, check the streams API for the corresponding candybox or playstation in the URL, if it shows up, they’re streaming directly from their console. Obviously this won’t work if they’re using a capture card, but that’s besides the point.

The main directory uses for PS4. This is not a documented parameter so it is completely unsupported.


Thank you george,
So, the parameter itself changes between consoles? IE

broadcaster_software=candybox => XBOX ONE
sce_platform=PS4 => PS4
than if you’re not in either of those lists, you must be streaming from a PC

I was thinking that there’d be like another variable or something after the broadcaster_software. Do you know of any other variables that can be used after the broadcaster_software? Or can you point me to where you located this information?

octodad is the PS4 equivalent of candybox. I seem to recall it returning different data than sce_platform in the past but they look the same at this time.

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Is there a way to set this in the API such as we can when we update “game” and “status”? This would be useful for example for streamers who use a PC to stream, but play on a console in order for their streams to show up in either console’s category.

A good example would be say I had a command on my bot to set the console to xbox via !console xbox
then I could make an API request to change the broadcaster_software to whichever option correlates with xbox. This would then allow that streamer’s stream to show up in the xbox’s live streams list even if they are running their stream from a PC but playing on xbox.

This would also provide a way for developers of streaming software such as obs or xsplit to set a console type if a user specified it.

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