[streams endpoint] - total channel views decreasing


i have encountered problems with the streams endpoint (comma seperated channel list) and decreasing total channel views numbers per channel since around 26.04.2017 20:35 UTC. As this number should logically raise from API update to API update there might be something broken.

I can’t provide any api data at this point as i do not save the data forever on my system (TOS rules) but i can see there are decreasing total channel views from time to time and in a frequently reoccuring pattern for 2 days now.

Can you have a look into this? Thanks.

Sorry just to better understand your question, the data you are receiving is showing that channel views are decreasing from api call to api call?

yes indeed. i can provide timestamps but no actual api data.

How do you know that it is decreasing if you’re not saving the data? Curious about that. :slight_smile:

This might have to do with this previously reported issue (views will be 0 in this case): Returning channel id of 0

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I save it temporarily until the new value has occured in the api data and replace the value with the new one. And so on. No value is saved more than 24h :wink: But i logged it if any “decreasement” occurs with timestamp.
It can’t be the reason (views = 0) as i have only views number other than 0 in my log when this error occurs.

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