Subscriber Emoticons [Solved]


I’m trying to embed chat to the mobile app which does not support flash player so default twitch chat iframe cannot be embedded. (btw I wonder why chat needs flash if it uses websockets anyway)

So this leads me to the need to reimplement chat functionality from the scratch. I got the irc part and its working but what unclear to me is how to detect allowed emoticons for each user.
I can see list of subscriptions for each user but then I’d like to avoid getting list of emoticons for every channel (/chat/:channel/emoticons) that each user is subscribed. Traffic would be insane in this scenario as well as that endpoint is deprecated. But the common endpoint (/chat/emoticons) does not specify if emoticon is subscribers only, which channel is it from. it only has some mystical emoticon_set property.

Please advise.


You will need to send the command TWITCHCLIENT 3 to opt-in to receive that information. Once subscribed before more every message a user sends there will be an accompanying group of messages from jtv with the list of emote sets the user has access to.


:jtv! PRIVMSG #channelname :EMOTESET nickname2 [27,1690,84,2132,42,240]
:nickname2! PRIVMSG #channelname :message was sent

You can than match that up with the emoticon_set in /chat/emoticons.

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George, thank you very much! This looks exactly what I was looking for. Awesome!
Are there other custom commands available and where can I find information about them?