The Moderation API

Over the past year, we’ve continued to support how moderators make Twitch a better place to watch, such as including new moderation tools in chat. To bridge the gap between the tooling at their disposal and what’s available programmatically, we’re releasing the first iteration of the Moderation API to enable our developer community to help moderators even further.

What’s in the box

The API consists of several new endpoints and two new webhook topics:

  • GET helix/moderation/moderators
  • GET helix/moderation/banned
  • GET helix/moderation/moderators/events and corresponding Webhooks topic
  • GET helix/moderation/banned/events and corresponding Webhooks topic
  • POST helix/moderation/enforcements/status

All endpoints and topics require the use of a new moderation:read scope in order to access this data from the broadcaster.

You can now get the list of moderators, as well as, banned or timed out users and webhooks for updates to those lists. Additionally, we’re enabling the ability to check text against a channel’s AutoMod settings to ensure that the text is safe to display on screen. This is especially powerful for our Extension developers that consume user-generated content, as this enables you to verify the content users create is safe to show on the broadcaster’s stream as they’ve decided.

To get started

  • Check out the documentation for the new Moderation endpoints, starting with checking against the AutoMod status.

  • Check out the documentation for the new Moderation webhook, starting with Moderator change events.

  • Let us know if you have any questions or feedback about this API below, or use the API category for more detailed inquiries.

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