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I would like to know or at least be aware of the new “VIP” feature not being able to work with “Mods” in other words “example” currently in the communities I’m involved with on Twitch, a Mod cannot also be a VIP, and I would like to know if there will be any changes for/with this in the future ?

No idea. Might be a question better suited to TwitchSupport on Twitter, Twitch directly on Twitter, or the Uservoice.

Rather than the Third Party developers forum…

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ok thank you @BarryCarlyon & I’m gonna leave this resting here for a bit , I think it be an extension issue but of course I’m not sure but thanx Berry :wink: & of course I’ll ask on twitter

From a technical point of view, a VIP is a user type, so it makes sense for it not to work alongside moderator.

From a design point of view, it gets a little silly if they let people have too many badges lol :smiley:

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Hello @Dist & of course thank you for your attention :pray: Too many badges may be a design issue & of course I understand that & also I understand there is a “responsibility consideration” that may not be getting the attention I feel it deserves. As a mod for 12 streamers & communities who attempts to help share streams via twitter & other various platforms I am aware of a “Super-mod” status via communities, streams & discord & I’m not able too afford subbing to all these streams on twitch but I consider myself viable . “Now if a streamer decides to make me a VIP” I really do Not understand why or how I would lose my “Mod-responsibilities” considering all I do for these communities & streams on Twitch . My points here are I can be a Mod or a VIP without being a SUB & I don’t understand why I’m Not able to have the 2 statuses with congruent consideration ? & of course in the future I think others may have a similar misunderstanding :wink: It may be an issue the streamer can adhere to a Super-mod in the future if course :wink:

I can’t comment on what Twitch’s plans are for VIP going forward. But the way it is in it’s current form is that if you’re a mod, you’re already beyond that of a VIP as you have access to everything a VIP does and MORE. All you’re missing out on is a purple icon.

Many of the suggestions by streamers that lead to this VIP status is that they wanted to be able to more clearly indicate certain users in chat, but without giving them moderator powers. As a moderator, you already stand out in chat AND have moderator powers.

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Thank you for your time @Dist

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