Thumbnail_url is not a consistent format

I’m not sure if this was intended design but the format for the thumbnail_url is different in streams and videos.


"thumbnail_url": "{width}x{height}.jpg"


"thumbnail_url": "{width}x%{height}.jpg"

What’s more inconsistent is other image urls don’t have the width and height formatting of some of the other APIs.

"profile_image_url": ""

Correct it’s not supposed to be consistent.

I think it should be from a developer standpoint :wink:

You are comparing three different things.

So they have three different URLS

Additionally VOD Thumbnails can and will change. Recent VOD’s tend to have one URL and older VOD’s have a different URL.

If you think this should be changed of you have a feature request.

Personally I don’t have a problem I fetch and display whatever it is from the JSON responses from the API without issue. So if it changes then nothing breaks. And I don’t have to consider about constructing it from a fixed format if I can just fetch it

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