Timeout limit in TMI

I’m wondering why is timeout limit only 2 weeks? I think this limitation is unnecessary and, for example, 6 month timeouts would be useful as after 6 months streams and their chat participants change and learn from their mistakes (in this situation permabans are used. then, of course, streamer forgets about the user and his unban)

Timeout limit?

TMI? Do you mean TMI.js or something else? (Just for clarify as often people mean TMI.js and say TMI)

You have been timed out from chat or you trying to time someone out? Last I checked Twitch chat itself has no limit on a Timeout.

Get a programmer and build a bot to automate this instead.

And if you are gonna ban someone for that long, (six months) then a ban fits better anyway, and create a way for users to apply for a unban.

Six months the user isn’t likely to come back anyway

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To update, having checked, yeah it’s a 2 week limit

Usage: “/timeout <username> [duration][time unit] [reason]” - Temporarily prevent a user from chatting. Duration (optional, default=10 minutes) must be a positive integer; time unit (optional, default=s) must be one of s, m, h, d, w; maximum duration is 2 weeks. Combinations like 1d2h are also allowed. Reason is optional and will be shown to the target user and other moderators. Use “untimeout” to remove a timeout

For changing the limit, suggestions can be made to the uservoice


TMI, the twitch messaging interface

does not really matter who is timing out who, any timeout has a limit of 2 weeks, it even says so on command help: chrome_mauSYW5E8G

This is a limitation workaround - why should everyone build a workaround when root problem is in twitch TMI?

I doubt that, there are definetely users that have been banned in a channel in time when streamer is angry and can’t write in chat after years and years.

I am aware of this system and aware that it does not work. I am more interested in if its a technical limit or are there a real reason behind this limit

It’s all we have. And it does work/has done for dev stuff!

No idea, you probably won’t get an answer on it.

I imagine it’s a choice to prevent Twitch having to track timeouts that last that long but who knows.

I love this comment. “Twitch are horrible at implementing features, so you should get someone else to fix it”. No wonder things like bttv/ffz exist, because they’re capable of implementing features that the official platform doesn’t implement. Why don’t they implement them? Because there’s not enough upvotes on their garbage user suggestion website.

As a programmer, that’s how I get work, and it’s the whole point of an API, the API lets you do things, that Website doesn’t support or intend to provide. That’s why programmers, such as myself, exist to solve the problems you have.

Twitch must have a reason for having a TMI timeout limit, but that doesn’t stop as programmers creating our own rules and programmed to achieve whatever a streamer wants.

This is somewhat false, some features are not implemented because they cannot be done well to support all the users of the site and/or other things have priority over user suggested features.

You are welcome to your opinion, but all we can do on the third party developers forum, is send you there for feature requests.

By TMI are you referring to TMI.js or something else?

I refer to TMI as in Twitch Messaging Interface.

This was clarified by OP

And the thread is maintaining that definition.

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