Timeout-notification by xyz?

A little Question to the new Feature, that mods see the timeout reason.

I look in the irc source-log for the timeout message and i found this

1475514411076 @ban-duration=1;ban-reason=Weil\sderp :tmi.twitch.tv CLEARCHAT #xyz :abc

(the log is from a moderater account)

Now i’m confused because i hear that the moderator see which mod has been execute the timeout but there is nothing about it :confused:

i found this thread and as far as I understood mods dont see this, is that right???

Mod logs are on TPS (pubsub)

sry, my english is realy bad…
what are you meaning?

The information that you’re looking for is not on IRC, it’s on the PubSub system.

ahhhh okay :slight_smile: very thanks <3

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