Logging timeouts

Is it possible to log timeouts by the name who did it, and possible the unbans?

If not, I would love to suggest it towards the dev team!

You can only receive target-nick when it occurred, but moderators nick wont be shown.

That’s too bad, really. I’m currently a moderator on a larger danish channel where the whole stream is build up as a community. We’ve got the problems that some mods (unknown ofcourse) is unbanned some of the people who got permbanned, and i really hoped there was a way to log bans and unbans with the name of the moderator. Hopefully, the dev team will take this as a suggestion…

We’re definitely looking into improving our moderator logging so this kind of information is more easily discoverable.

In the meantime, if you have the channel owner send me a Twitch PM (twitch.tv/irelandofendor) with some usernames and times of these unbans, I may be able to help out.

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