Tips on linking extension and app for posting chat as the streamer

Hi guys, I created an extension and bot which allows the streamer to start a mini-game where users can participate via either the extension frontend or chat. The bot will reward points using chat commands.

I’m thinking to use the streamer account to post reward on chat instead because I don’t want the streamer to have to make the bot a mod. Can anyone guide me on how to approach this? I’ll answer in more details if there’s something not clear. Total noob here, please forgive me.

Here’s what I’m thinking to do:

  • User login to app via Twitch
  • Add user to list of streams to observe
  • When user streams, bot joins the channel
  • Bot will observe extension and chat for game actions / commands from viewers
  • To reward viewers, login to chat as user and post the reward chat command
  • Bot leaves channel when user stops streaming

To login to chat as the broadcaster you need the chat_login scope. Which understandably broadcasters are wary about giving out.

Preferably I’d get the bot modded, but it depends on what the rewards are that you plan to give out.

Don’t need this step you can do this via the extension install flow

Try this: Extensions Reference | Twitch Developers

You’ll be three to five minutes late joining/leaving the stream due to Twitch API Caching

Wow nice. That’s a lot of useful info for me to start with. Thanks! I guess I’ll consider modding the bot.