TMI problem - The page stays blank or there is no chatters

Hi there,

For the last few months, I made my own bot, yup one more but it’s really funny to do something by his own.

Everything was working well until yesterday, for no reason, “” gives me a blank page and when it gives me something, there is no chatters at all.

My bot limits some commands to moderators. But with that problem even me is a stranger for my bot and I can’t use my own command.

Of course I can define allowed people on my bot directly but a that doesn’t work is a bit boring.

Does someone have an idea why this problem happens from nowhere ?

Thanks in advance.

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As with everything, it can break from time to time, and with that endpoint being undocumented it should be expected to break/change/stop working at any point (although with the number of 3rd party services reliant on that endpoint I don’t see major changes to it any time soon.) and not rely on it for important functionality (such as determining if someone has the rights to use a certain command).

Look at the userstate object that is sent with messages, that will let you know if the user is a mod or broadcaster, so you can use that to determine if the bot should perform the command or not even if the chatters endpoint is having issues.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was using chatters for loyalty but it seems that is out for now :slight_smile:

Anyways good idea to take information in user message thank you

The trouble with this unsupported endpoint is that there is no supported equivalent. This is bad news for loyalty bots and I do hope that Twitch are searching for a solution despite it being unsupported.

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I experiment the same problem. A workaround could be using the notifications you get through the IRC chat. It’s not very accurate, but it works.
For my personnals needs, I manage my own user lists, and combine the informations (of the API and the IRC notifications) to be as accurate as possible.
I hope that the API will integrate an accurate list request one day.

Thanks for the suggestion. I do know that this workaround will only work in channels with less than 1000 viewers - once there is more than 1000 viewers, then only moderators are announced.

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