Chatters list unreliable

Given that TWITCHCLIENT 2-3 don’t give us JOIN/PART/WHO/NAMES events, I’ve been using to get the json info for fetch the required information.

The problem however is, the above returns “502 - Bad Gateway” 90+% of the time, are Twitch aware of this?

If we can’t get a TMI version that caters for all a chatbot’s needs, can we get the above API call fixed? :slight_smile:

They are aware. The tmi API had alot of downtime recently and is being remade. I don’t know any details on that however and doubt there will be any info on this until the update rolls out.

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I noticed that the TMI Chatters API call is down quite frequently and it’s really messing up some custom bot commands and minigames I have for my stream :-/ What is the progress on getting this to be more reliable?

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