Top Clips Response Limit

Hey, I am using Twitch API V5 for fetching the top clips. It is working, there is only one problem and it is that when I am fetching the datas, there is only 20 response. I want to change it but in API V5, I couldn’t find the solution. Here is my code;
params: {
language: ‘tr’,
period: ‘week’
}).then((response) => {

When I use this code, the response length is 20. But I want to change it.

Try limit

I think it can be from 1 to 100

It worked. Thanks a lot.

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No Problem. That is what we are here for.

Here is the reference to the kraken get top clips endpoint.

You can also use the new helix api that I recommend.
Helix Get Clips endpoint reference:

Instead of using limit you would use first

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Actually I am using helix api for everything except clips. Because I wanted to filter clips as a language but I couldn’t find this option on helix API.

I am sure it will be added in the future but you can just display the ones with "language":"en" or what ever language you want. That way you don’t need to redo it in the future when kraken is deprecated.

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