Using Kraken "Top clips" Api after deprecated

If i’m using top clips kraken, Can i still use the API after February 28, 2022?

Or clips won’t be returned after removal of this API?

You have to use helix after the shutdown date.

Here is the migration guide

Yes, But i don’t think you answer on my question,

In the new get clips api there that you link, there is no Trending Parameters and we need show clips from games or user from the new api.

I guess i can’t use the top clips after removal?

Yes, that is correct. That is the migration path the guide said to use. And not all data points will be moving over to Helix. You will have to calculate what’s trending using the view count and previous runs of the api call.

To add to that:
From previous deprecations/shutdowns, you can expect to receice a 410 Gone or 404 Not Found if you try to call any Kraken Endpoints after the final shutdown date.

That was the answer i’m look for, Thanks for let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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