Transfer extension to another account

Is it possible to transfer the management console for a twitch extension to another account? We were working on a extension as team but the person who owns the account connected to the extension is not actively working on it anymore which causes a lot of trouble.

Submitting the same extension from another account would be really inconvenient since it is running on a lot of channels.

The Twitch support couldn’t help and sent us here, thanks for the help.

At time of writing you can’t transfer extensions between users.

You might be able to use an organisation to manage the relevant aspects of the extension instead. Which means the original person retains ownership but other people can manage bits and pieces.

So the only way to change the ownership would be to delete it from the original channel and submit it again from another one? Thanks for your help

Which would then lose all the install base on the current version

And you won’t be able to use the same name until the old name (on delete) is released which takes a unknown amount of time. And to release the name will need a rename and release cycle