Tutorials/Guides for a beginner?

I’ve wanted to make an app involving twitch for a while now, but the API seemed so intimidating that I never was able to get into it. Are there any tutorials out there for beginners? Right now I’m not even sure where/how to start. Something that involves making something as simple as getting the followers or subscribers for a channel and doing something simple with that and going through authentication? I’ve read through a bit of other topics on here and nothing has seemed to be a huge help.

Also, I code in C# if that helps.

If you code in c# no doubt you’ve worked with linq, json, xml and mysql in many shapes and sizes. These are the things I would suggest looking into first.

The api is just deserialized json strings (generally returned on one line, there are exceptions, so build for it), serialize it and work with the data.

Other than that, let your imagination go wild. Good luck :slight_smile:

edit: This site will help you with the api calls - throw the example data in the documentation into it and it will parse a class structure for use with the serializer. jsonutils.com

you can have a look at that if you want a headstart on it.

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