I need the most basic help

I need a link that will point me to the very beginning of understanding for Twitch development and API. I mean the very beginning. I tried learning this for weeks now and I have not gotten anywhere.

I have been able to learn how make my own discord bot, make batch scripts, make basic python scripts for instagram and twitter, in the same time I have been trying to learn twitch API. I haven’t gotten anywhere.

I can’t understand what language Twitch API needs to be written in.

I can’t understand ANYTHING about the Oath for Twitch. Discord was soooo much easier as it had a link I could just copy and paste the token. For twitch…I have no clue what they want at all…NO CLUE! Why can’t you just give me the Redirect URL? Why does this have to be a mysterious thing for?

I tried installing the development kit and it say, It can’t find the path the open SSL so it closes when I run the configure.cmd.

At this point, I have no clue what else to do. I need something basic, very very very very basic that can should be the very basics of twitch API. I need the know the language, I need an example code that is fully written and I want the language its written in.

Any links to the most basic tutorial will be greatly appreciated. Please assume I have no code experience.

Thanks for your time,

https://learn.freecodecamp.org/ is a good site to learn basics of web development, if you want to cut corners, just look at all the api sections, that might help, but there are some fundamentals required.


Thats rig is for Extension development, not for jumping in to the API.

Both Discord and Twitch oAuth require YOU to give Discord/Twitch the redirectURL you want to use for token exchange.

See Registration:

Discord gives you a token to use for your Bot to login, thats if you are making a bot, and set your client to be/have a bot

If you want to make a bot then we can discuss that further or check the docs:

TMI is essentially IRCv3 compatible IRC over Websockets (or the IRC port), so if you have a working IRC parser/library, again, in your language of choice (any will do it just needs a IRC or a Websockets module) you can do it in Brainfuck if you really want.

oAuth is easy, on $service make a client (for Twitch this is Twitch Developers), tell the client what your redirectURI is.

Plumb the loginRedirectURL (place you redirect a user to), tokenExchangeURL (the place you post a returned code to, to get a token), from the docs into your oAuth client/code and away you go…

Documentation for oAuth is here

It’s the same as everywhere else that implements oAuth, and you need three bits of information, two URL’s and what scopes exist…

For “standard” oAuth aka “OAuth Authorization Code Flow”

  • send user to $service aka loginRedirectURL https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/authorize
  • user accepts (or rejects) app connection
  • user is sent to your redirectURI with a code https://<your registered redirect URI>/?code=<authorization code>
  • you exchange the code for a token, aka tokenExchangeURL https://id.twitch.tv/oauth2/token

The TwitchAPI is just an HTTP based get/post API. (Ignoring chat as thats websockets and arguable “not” API). It speaks JSON, so you just need a JSON parser, which is included in most languages these days, and/or writing your own (de)serializer is childs play in your language of choice.

For example, you can use a command line curl client:

This gets information about the most active streams for game ID 33214.

curl -H 'Client-ID: p0gch4mp101fy451do9uod1s1x9i4a' \
-X GET 'https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?game_id=33214'

You can use whatever language you want as long as it can make a cURL/web request. Language is completely irrelevant.

Since you cited Discord I can link two a couple of libraries that are nodeJS based that can help, but then it’s just a “dumb” cURL client wrapped in a helper function. Personally I don’t bother, I generally just write out the cURL requests and use nodeJS request module to make them.

What are you trying to do, you’ve touched on about three or four wildly different things in your post.

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to explain everything. I thank you very much. I will be using this in my studies on making the twitch app I need.

I didn’t mention exactly what I needed because I need to learn this in a way where I am not just copying and editing someone else’s script. I want to understand this to a degree where I can just make apps for twitch or any website that has cool APIs.

Every other place was easier but that is because they had good examples I can learn from. (Besides Discord, I learned how to make my bot from scratch but the youtube video examples were so good!)

I know that what I need is to know how to use the channel update APIs to automatically change my stream title information. But I don’t want to ask for help on that specifically because if I need something else done for Twitch, I want to have enough mental knowledge to pick up that as well.

Thank you again and I will be looking at this throughout the day. (I would respond more but I am 5 minutes away from leaving for work.) I’ll respond to any other of the other questions via a message.

Thanks again!

Half the stuff most of use make is copy/pasted from stack overflow or other code :stuck_out_tongue:

You can find documentation for that here:

Basically you just need to look thru the v5 docs for what you needs, helix/new API has some newer end points but most of the update-y end points are all in v5.

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