Twitch API summer 2018 roadmap update and your feedback

Today we published a blog post providing more context around our API strategy, focusing on how we continue to apply our API core tenets for implementing new functionality – simplicity, consistency, reliability, and transparency. Please read this post for full details.

We also mentioned an update for our roadmap that includes the following endpoints and webhooks over the next two quarters are so. See the blog post once again for descriptions of each.

  • Websub subscription management APIs
  • Emotes
  • Drops campaign management
  • Chatters
  • Extensions analytics
  • Mod author analytics
  • Chat blocks
  • Chat mods
  • Subscriptions

Finally, we want to hear from you to help inform the longer-term feature list. Let us know which important use cases are not currently officially supported by the new Twitch API through the new API feature request form so that we can prioritize accordingly. If you ever feel that an endpoint, webhook, or feature you’ve been expecting is not on our radar, please let us know. This form enables us to gather your feedback in a standardized and centralized way, which means that all developer voices will be recorded, sorted, and triaged in a single, consistent repository.