Twitch-Controlled Robot stream delay issue

Hi! I’m writing a twitch-controlled robot. The main issue I’m having is the fact that on my own RTMP server I have a delay of ~5 seconds (which I’m working on), but on twitch my delay can be anything from 35 seconds to upwards of 2 minutes. Is there anything I can do about this, or is twitch stream delay completely unable to be calculated, reduced or estimated?

Due to the re-encoding of streams, multiple points of presence(POP)/ingests, quality of network/internet - this delay can vary from a ~10 seconds to much more.

I get that, but it seems to get worse as time goes by? It went from ~35 seconds to ~2 minutes very quickly.

Everytime a stream buffers the ‘delay’ will increase by the buffer size which seems to double. You can clear your buffer in the player and ‘sync up’ by pausing and unpausing the video.

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