Twitch Developer Day 2020 Recap: Introducing the Channel Points API, EventSub, and more

Twitch Developer Day took place on Friday, November 13, and we wanted to take a few minutes to revisit announcements and share videos from the broadcast.


Full details of our keynote announcements can be found on the Twitch Developer day blog post. The key takeaways are:

  • The Channel Points API – RESTful endpoints and webhooks are now available to programmatically manage and fulfill custom Channel Points rewards!

  • Introducing EventSub – A transport-netural solution for event subscriptions. EventSub defines the Twitch events you can subscribe to (e.g. subs, Cheers) and then you choose the transport protocol that works for your application.

  • Twitch API Updates – A number of feature additions that will make the migration from legacy endpoints easier to accomplish.

    • v5 OAuth scopes now automatically map to Helix OAuth scopes. See the v5 to Helix migration guide.
    • game_name is now included in the Get Streams response payload eliminating the need for multiple API calls.
    • created_at is now included in the Get Users response payload, which has been proven useful for moderation tools.

Video Highlights

All Highlights from the broadcast can be found in the Twitch Developer Day 2020 Collection, or you can jump directly to any video below.

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Hi, it would be nice if the custom reward api allowed us to also upload the reward icons. As it is now there is no way to do so.

This already exists as a uservoice request

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Thanks for the follow-up!