Twitch Developers Organization Registration Error

Hey Twitch!

An error called “INTERNAL_ERROR” occurs when trying to create an organization. A ticket was made last night and that support person emailed me back saying: …“Create a new support ticket under the ‘Affiliates’ section.” When I created a new ticket just now, they got back to me and redirected me here. As stated in all my tickets, I have deleted all cookies and Google Chrome history and also tried doing it on my phone but no luck. I would love the help as soon as possible.


You might want to file this over on the Dev Issue Tracker - Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub

But worth noting I know Twitch are Out of the Office today due to Veterans date, and I’m unclear on next week due to thanksgiving run up

Wow, thanks for the quick reply honestly. I’ll post this issue to the link you just sent. Hopefully, I’ll get lucky and they reply there. Thanks so much again!

Wait, I forgot to mention. Under what category should I state the issue on?

Developer Site

I’ve submitted my application already. All those solutions I’ve tried already. What worked for me was only implementing the required fields. Pretty weird.

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