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I was wondering if there was a bot policy written out anywhere? I assume there are basic common sense rules like do not spam or join channels without the streamers permission but are there any other rules IRC bots have follow. I know @night has commands available only to twitch staff (Force leave channel, Force Join Channel, etc) are these command a requirement for every IRC bot?

Also are there any rules about when it can send messages, I know EsperNet has a lot of rules like a bot can’t be the sole occupant of a channel, does twitch have similar rules?

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Not that I am aware off - the bot is usually only there because the streamer requested it. Some bots are even designed to increase spamming (Forsen’s Snusbot comes to mind). So a bot causing what in their view is disruptive behaviour would get kicked, just like any other user. If your bot is posting messages or responding to chat commands, it is recommended that you ask for permission to have it modded.

Bots are usually the sole occupant of a channel once the streamer is offline, and this is to avoid having it rejoin every time they stream.

The only restrictions that are enforced by Twitch, as is the same for any user, is the limitation of message frequency and what is outlined in the Twitch Terms Of Service.

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