Unable to move to Hosted Testing


Till today I was able to move extension to Hosted Testing “Could not communicate with Twitch backend. Please contact a moderator” is coming. Please let me know asap.

Any ideas?


Please relog on the dashboard and retry.

if that fails try again in about 8 hours!

Still same after relogin

Gotta wait for twitch to get up and take a look see

Hi Barry Carlyon,

Is there any other way to contact Twitch team? need to get this issue fix ASAP.


Nope. Becuase they are not out of bed yet. You’ll just have to Wait

People have reported issues on here (a few threads) and the Dev Discord

Twitch reports should work now

It is still failing.

Yes still failing

It’s working now, thank you all

Working for me now as well. Thanks!