Use of Web API data into mobile app

Hi, I want to use the data of Twitch Web API to retrieve channel and video information and show them into my app, I read about Client-ID needs to be included in the API request.

So does it mean that I need to setup my own server to request the API data (using my Client-ID) and distribute to my app users? I guess Twitch has rate control, which does not let end app users request the data directly. Correct me if wrong.

Are there other better ways to achieve it?

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You don’t necessarily have to set up your own server. If you can make an HTTP request, you can access our API. Having said that, if your application gets popular and a lot of users are requesting data frequently, you will get an email from me about it. :slight_smile: You might also end up with a Client-ID block, but those cases are very rare. We’d rather work with you to get your application corrected. To hep alleviate too many requests, you would need to put a layer of caching or other data storage between your application and the Twitch API. I would say plan for the future rather than having your app get blocked and be down until you fix it.

Our API is no different than any other REST API. End users aren’t requesting data directly from the Twitch API. Your application will be requesting data directly from the Twitch API and sometimes on behalf of the user (in the OAuth case). Your Client-ID uniquely identifies your application to the API and that’s what you’ll include on all requests to the API.

Many thanks, that will make my app prototype fast, :smiley:, I just struggled about the design to come up with a server to do this task, :smile:

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