User/channel whitelist

Looking back at the white list screen I just failed to read the tip of the two separate lists however, my last question still applies.

I just had my extension approved however, came across a slight problem…

During the testing phase I had a white list to allow for certain users and certain channels to test the extension and I thought it would be possible to change who could use it after being approved.

however this is not the case and the extension i submitted is not available to anyone except me and the other testers.

I am assuming that at this point in time I will just have to submit a new version with everything the same and just remove the white lists.

Is it possible that in the future that these can be changed at will after being approved?


No, since a Version that is for specific casters will have different requirements and rules to one that is public. Including but not limited to Privacy Policy [citation from Twitch staff missing]

Basically your extension was approved for those Whitelisted, not the general public