User subscription Info - Current streak & Total months subbed (not streak)

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I understand that I can get the current sub creation date from the API but…
If a user resubs (within 14 days [?]) of their sub lapse, it will keep their current streak but will make a new “created_at” date.
Is there any other way to find the current streak? Currently I have only seen the info in chat when the user presses the anniversary announcement button. The info is being stored somewhere

As well, is there a way to find out the total amount of times a person has had a successful subscription transaction for a channel? This will help with creating extras though a chat bot or on a external site


  • tehMorag

Streak information is not exposed in that public API at this time. You’ll have to create your own database of subscriber information and then do the difference calculation when the subscription lapses and a new one is created if you want to honor non continuous streaks for other features.

Kind of going back to my first answer. You’ll have to keep track of the information yourself.

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Fair enough on keeping track of it my self. I currently have that set up (now…) but I dont have a way of getting the past info.

Formal request to add this to the pubic API for the channel_subscriptions scope? :smile:

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