New API: Clips Discovery

Hey, devs!

We’ve released a new Clips Discovery API for you to use! You can use the API to find the latest and greatest in Clipperinos. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions! The team is taking feedback on their UserVoice.




This query appears to return daily information."

although the docs indicate that it should show information for the entire week because of the period=week being in the request.



Is this feature operational? I saw the documentation today and tried running it through my browser, appending my client-id and api-version onto the url like so: “?api_version=5&client_id=…”, and I’m getting nothing. Just a 404 response. I tried the same with other requests and the same client-id and they work fine.

@jpcguy89 According to the documentation you need to request API version 4 for the clips API:

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@zerocarbthirty Looking into that.

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