[UTILITY] Webpack based twitch extension boilerplate

Whipped this together this afternoon to make messing around with the new extension API easier.

Pull down the repo and follow the readme for the creation of a setup that will get you:

  • Hot reloading as you develop
  • ES6 support with babel and webpack, including support for stage-2 features
  • React and JSX support
  • Good folder structure
  • An empty project folder for developing a backend service
  • Yarn workspace support for cross project code sharing between API and extension code
  • More to come soon (utility libraries around JWT signing and such are on my todo list)

Feel free to use / give feed back / contribute

Thanks and have fun making some neat extensions!


This is fantastic, thank you! I’ll give this a try very soon

very cool setup! I love working with React, so I’ll definitely check it out.

btw: Shouldn’t it be called “twitch-extension-boilerplate-react” ? :wink: