V5 shutdown notice for my extension

I got an email from twitch that my extension had made V5 api calls. The client ID was clearly the extension, not the backend server (which also shouldn’t be making v5 calls) The frontend is pretty much using the backend, so shouldn’t be making any direct calls at all. (Oddly enough I was just putting back some helix calls using the new tokens, but the email was sent before then and specifically referenced August)

Is this something on twitch’s end getting attributed to my extension id? Where would I look to find these V5 calls?

Is you backend using the Extension ClientID and Extension Client Secret to make calls to the API? My extension backend all use the Extension ClientID + Extension Client Secret for calls. So I’m not juggling two client ID’s (and an extension is also an application)

It might just be that the “email alert” was triggered off a “old report” of v5 usage.

Or someone might be borrowing your clientID so theres nothing to worry about if you already updated your code and stuff.

Also note that some extension endpoints (send chat, pubsub and config service) all have new “helix” endpoints to migrate to, as the older ones are scheduled for removal along with v5.

I did assume that the backend was a different app that needed a different clientid. The backend calls shouldn’t be linked to to the reported clientid at all.

I searched for twitch.tv in the projects, and the only reference that doesn’t have ‘helix’ in it is id.twitch.tv, which is consistent with the current authentication documentation.

Yeah no need for that, also technically means you might be violating the Developer Agreement and circumventing rate limits. Using two ClientID’s for the same project.

Better off using the same clientID. I do!

Especially if you are using the subscriber endpoints since an Extension ClientID’s App Access token can be used with the subscribers API (instead of getting oAuth from the caster).

You using anything starting https://api.twitch.tv/extensions

as listed on

They have migration endpoints starting from

You might be using “get live channels” deprecated endpoint?