View Points redeems over chat?

Is there any plan to add or way to see points redeeming over chat?
I’ve seen people say it just shows up as a PRIVMSG but it clearly doesn’t.
When I redeem points on my channel my chatbot does not receive any packet or any sort.
Is this going to become a feature at some point?

Redeems that cause a chat message (custom ones or ones such as highlight my message) raise a PRIVMSG

All custom ones are over pubsub

See the channel points topic

And is there any plan to add it to the chat eventually or it’s gonna remain on pubsub?

The messages that are sent over Chat are ones that are needed for functionality of the Chat system on Twitch, which is why a points redemption that needs to display custom messages are sent over chat as Barry has mentioned. Any others don’t need to display things so aren’t going to be sent over Chat.

There will be some API endpoints in the future for parts of the points system, and potentially Webhook topics for those endpoints, but there have been no announced plans to add unnecessary messages about points redemptions to chat.

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