Bot that reads Channel Point redemption messages

I’m not 100% sure if I can post this here and if not, please forgive me (brand new here).

I know that Channel points are still fairly new to Twitch in general, but I wanted to know if anyone has figured out a way to actually read the redemption message that comes up when you redeem points.

The reason I’m asking is because one of the streamers I watch has decided to make one of the rewards a raffle ticket (i.e. you redeem it and nothing happens on Twitch side but the streamer writes your name down and drops it in a bucket). However, as you can probably imagine, lots of people = lots of name writing.

I’m currently using tmi.js ( to connect and read chat messages but it doesn’t seem like they have a way to read the message itself (it’s as if the redemption message is an “invisible message”). I’m not sure if anyone has found a way to do this (either with JS and some other library or some other way) but if it’s possible, I’d like to know about it.

And if Twitch is planning on changing the message from an “invisible message” to an actual chat message, that would be really cool to know too.


The ones that show in chat are regular PRIVMSG with an attached msg_id of highlighted-message

If it doesn’t show in chat, you can’t capture it.

If it does, you can capture and parse the raw message for useful tags.

Is that even allowed under the rules?

We don’t know what Twitch’s plans are currently

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