Views/Followers Counts Not Updating

Since last Thu (3/5), I’ve started to see some issues with the channel followers/views counts (possibly all channel data) from multiple endpoints. I was able to reproduce the issue from /channel/:channel and /streams

From what I can tell, it looks like the totals are being updated when a new stream is created but is not updated throughout the rest of the stream.

I have noticed some but few exceptions, for example I was getting updates for the a portion of TheOriginalWeed’s stream on Saturday 3/7. The couple of streams prior, its seems as though the followers were updating but not the views. Very odd.

Hope this helps

I would imagine that there is a lot of data caching in use on Twitch, especially for rapidly updating properties like views. It makes sense in this context that starting a stream would force an update. I would never count on fields like this to be updated in real time (or anything close to it), so hopefully you didn’t plan any of your app’s core functionality on that.

I could understand that, but this is the first time I’ve seen this. My app has been pulling data since early Dec last year. I’m hoping this is a bug, I feel like it would be reasonable to update the counts every 1/5/10 mins etc, but Im thinking that basing it on an event like stream start probably isn’t their intention. At least Im hoping.

It seems that some end-points have not had their data refreshed in quite some time. Another example can be found here.

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