Ways to pull info for streamers who have streamed a game recently

I’m looking for a way to display information from streamers who have streamed a game recently (past week, month, etc) - not just ones that are currently live. Is there a way to do this?

I don’t have a formal development background and I want to see if I can get this clarified before we have our developer allocate any hours to this.

I found some lines that might be helpful to finding this information, but I’m having trouble differentiating between whether or not the requests are returning only channels that are live, or if they also return channels that are associated with a game but not streaming at the moment. Any help would be appreciated:

GET /search/channels
GET /search/streams
GET /search/games
GET /videos/top

Also, I noticed there’s a “Limit” parameter to many search results, with the max search results set to 100. If a query has over 100 search results, how does it decide which 100 to give you? Alphabetical or by
largest view count? Is there a way to change the query to get results to see more than the first 100 returned results?

Twitch doesn’t have an API to get streamers who have recently played a game, but you can pull /videos/top and use offset, limit, and game to get a list of streamers playing certain games.

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