[WebHook] Exceeded maximum number of allowed subscriptions

Hello ! :slight_smile:
We recently started a test period for setting up WebHooks on our followers system.
We have gradually deployed several user groups for this TEST, everything works fine, we receive and handle calls.

However, we now receive subscription errors because we have reached the maximum simultaneous subscription limit.

exceeded maximum number of allowed subscriptions

We would like to know the procedure to increase our limit to be able to continue our tests and eventually deploy all the users.

In terms of stats, we triggers the subscription only on users with an active live. They are automatically unsubscribed when the live is stopped.
On average, we have 3500 users connected simultaneously in strong periods.

These numbers increase over time, and we expect (when webhooks will be available) to integrate the detection of live (starts / stops) (In this case, the numbers will be much higher).

Thanks in advance.

Up ! :wink:

Now that the webhooks for the streams are deployed, we will really like to finish our tests and deploy all of our users.

Edit: ( https://blog.twitch.tv/new-webhook-and-clips-api-endpoints-available-today-76c113ac8d9a answered my question )

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