Webhook subscription limit


I got a very strange behaviour when using the subscribe webhook endpoints:

I use this endpoint with a bearer token to subscribe to webhooks: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/webhooks/hub

After around ~9090 successful webhook subscriptions i get the message: “hub.reason”:“exceeded maximum number of allowed subscriptions”

I checked my webhooks via this endpoint: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/webhooks/subscriptions then unsubscribed all webhooks I got.

Now i tried to sub the webhooks again and after around 9090 i again got the above error message.

Anyone has a clue what the reason could be, I would understand it if the number would be 10.000 but not 9090ish.

Would appreciate any help!

Sounds like you may have attempted to subscribe to the same topic three times? And it might be tripping that instead. Either way getting that close to the limit sound like you probably want to apply for a higher limit anyway.

yes for testing i was most likely subscribing the same topic multiple times, but I thought that u can not subscribe one topic morgen than once (basically my understanding is it overwrites another subscription if u sub a topic multiple times)? If this is the problem, how can I erase multiple subscriptions?

Im using a client id and secret where the apllication for higher limits was done and I was told i can sub 100.000 webhooks now.


The request to unsubscribe is the same as subscribe. But with hub.mode as unsubscribe

For testing use a lower lease limit to save stale subs being left about.

That should be correct. If the Topic and Callback are the same, it should extend.

Well if your limit is 100k then you shouldn’t be hitting the 10k limit anyway

The topic and callback are the same.

Yes this is the strange thing, yesterday my test was to unsubscribe all the webhooks I found via https://api.twitch.tv/helix/webhooks/subscriptions

I left the api still working without any webhooks, no events were triggered which basically means that there are no webhooks with this callback any more. Today I tried to subscribe my needed webhooks again and got the above mentioned error message after 9097 webhooks. I actually have no explanation for this.

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