Webhooks vs polling streams


So I’m very new to the whole Twitch API ecosystem. We plan to add a new feature to our application that provides live notifications when a certain streamer they follow goes live. We expect around 5-6k subscriptions. I was wondering which option is best for a large scale, polling the results via the stream status endpoint, or using webhooks? I expect webhooks would probably be the best since we’ll be sending wayyy too many requests to check stream statuses every x minutes. Any thoughts on which would be the most efficient?

If you just need to know when a streamer is live or not then Webhooks would be the best option as 6k subscriptions is within the max subscriptions limit and would result in less useless data (as when polling a large portion of the time you’ll just be getting back the same data).

One thing to note though is that for 6k users polling wouldn’t be too many requests, you can check 100 streams per request so that’s only 60 requests, which is easily viable to do up to once per minute. That being said though I’d still suggest using webhooks.

I see, what happens after we reach the max subscriptions limit? Would we new to create a new application, start polling, or is there another workaround?

Once you reach the subscriptions limit you would need to poll streams beyond that. There’s not currently a way to request an increase in rate limit, and the user of additional apps to circumvent the rate limit would be a violation of the developer agreement.

Got it, thank you!

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