Websocket Notification - Know who gifted sub?

Looking at implementing subscriptions.
There is a field to know if it was gifted, but it does not appear to show WHO gifted it?
It would be nice to know WHO gifted it.

    "metadata": {
        "message_id": "aQe_eCzokq120t11Gr6roJe_CU0BkynXb5Ku6KUCd-Y=",
        "message_type": "notification",
        "message_timestamp": "2022-12-04T04:58:13.996Z",
        "subscription_type": "channel.subscribe",
        "subscription_version": "1"
    "payload": {
        "subscription": {
            "id": "2d91088b-ec49-4423-a2cc-bc2b678b9f16",
            "status": "enabled",
            "type": "channel.subscribe",
            "version": "1",
            "condition": {
                "broadcaster_user_id": "225160664"
            "transport": {
                "method": "websocket",
                "session_id": "AQoQdzF2tJ_HRmCn2WJ2dc65HxAB"
            "created_at": "2022-12-04T03:08:05.793256167Z",
            "cost": 0
        "event": {
            "user_id": "525241962",
            "user_login": "thegoodjared",
            "user_name": "TheGoodJared",
            "broadcaster_user_id": "225160664",
            "broadcaster_user_login": "jdredd3800",
            "broadcaster_user_name": "jdredd3800",
            "tier": "1000",
            "is_gift": true

channel.subscribe merely reports that a subscription has started.

channel.subscription.gift will report that someone gave gift(s) (but this won’t include the recipient just the count)

Depending on your use case there are a lot of what ifs involved here.

There currently isn’t a topic that will describe all three entities involved (channle, gifter, reciever)

This is uservoiced here channel subscriptions to include who gave the gift if it's a gift – Twitch UserVoice

And theres also a longer uservoice here Revise the `channel.subscription` topics – Twitch UserVoice about reorganising the whole subscription topics into something more useful for overlay providers/usecases

Ok so it sounds basically it is a no.

I’d assume if is_Gifted is true… then it would just give me details of who gifted it… the gifters Id info or that it was anonymous.

Revise the channel.subscription topics – Twitch UserVoice

Not a huge fan of this proposal.

Not a huge fan of the gotta subscribe to 100 different things.

Consolidate the whole thing into one deal with any and all possibilities.

Then flag off a field to give you a “sub” task to describe the event down to a further detail.

Its to confusing to have to subscribe to multiple things that are related to one topic. Ends up making posts like mine asking where stuff is.

Subscribe to one main topic… and anything and everything about it.

Then check a field inside the payload data or wherever to break it down further.

Trying to have a subscribe event for every little thing, to me, complicates things more than it helps.

But that is me. With the API’s I talk to for my work life ( this is a toy app for me ) this is more on the level of how things work that I deal with.

Possibly just make subscribing easier… wild card.


or heck if I want anything and everything available


Anyways, done crying now… i’ll move onto the next thing on my bucket list to get done…

Yeah it’s a bit of a bug bear that what we need for overlays its a “kitchen sink” topic.

Personally I’m likely to go back to chat if PubSub gets removed from use

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