What goes on the redirect URI?

After looking for an answer in the SDK example, I really can’t figure it out. What exactly is supposed to be on the redirect URI?

I don’'t know but I’d LIKE to know some dev PLEASE reply

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I assume you are talking about the redirect URI which is required when registering your application on Twitch?

If this is true then redirect URI should be localhost when testinghithis your application (can be changed later on). After when your application is about to go live you should use a url from your website which the user is redirected to after authorising their account. This will pass in the access token and other information to the url so it can be used by your application.


How do I know what my Redirec URI is though?

This is a 6 year old thread, but the redirect URL is a website you setup for your oauth process. No one can tell you what that is. You need to develop that and set it yourself. If you don’t have one setup just set it to local host for now.