What URI do I need to specify in the app registration form if I am making a chat bot which is hosted locally?

Hello! Not long ago I started working on a chat bot which by design is hosted locally, on the user’s PC. To register it as an app, I saw that I need a redirect URI for the authorisation of my product. However, since the bot is stored locally on the machine, I am confused as to what I should specify in that field. I hope that this can be resolved without having to make my bot run on a server. Thank you in advance for your patience and answers!

The special hostname localhost (should) always refers to the machine that is resolving the hostname, i.e. current computer. So, if your local bot runs a webserver on port 6666 for example, you might have http://localhost:6666/auth-complete as the redirect URL.

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Thank you for your response! Forgive me if I am not experienced in this matter, but does the bot have to run a web server ?

It does not.

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To get a token directly using an authorization flow, the bot would need to provide a browser or run a web server. The other option would be providing the authorization flow on a separate web server and having the user copy the token into the bot (or having the bot communicate with that web service in some sort of secure manner).

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