Which OAUTH token do I need to use to allow access to user IDs?

I’ve been developing a twitch chatbot for my channel for a bit now with no problems, but have recently wanted to do a points system like many other bots have and want to access user IDs so that even if someone changes their username their points are not erased. I looked at the docs and know that there’s a few different types of OAUTH tokens, but when reading it seemed pretty unclear which one gave me access to user IDs, the URL I got my current OAUTH from is the twitchapps/tmi generator link that was in the documentation. Basically, does my current OAUTH allow access to user IDs or do I need to generate a different one?

Technically none.

The users API requires no scopes and no Token at all

It is suggested you use an App Access Token

To get the higher rate limit of 800, but since you already have a Bot User Access Token, that token will suffice to get the higher rate limit and future proof you ready for

But the users API lets you look up 100 users in a single request.

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