Whispers from tmi.js live display issue

I have a problem sending whispers from my Verified Bot.
The whispers go through. The problem is that receivers need to close add refresh private message tab to get new messages.
Is there a way to go around this weird behavior. I suppose this is to prevent from spamming how can i send private info to my users without asking them to refresh???

This often comes up on the forums

Bots generally have issues with Whispers.

The issues are many are varied.

The whisper product is not designed to be used by bots.

Best advice: avoid whispers in your bot.

Thanks Barry.
Do I have alternatives to answer automatically?

You can make an Extension or a Website with Twitch Login, so you can verify it’s them and pull the info from your backend.

It’s tedious to set up, but is certainly more reliable than whispers.
Can also recommend trying the Web Notifications API(s) - they’ve gotten a lot easier to use over the past few years.

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