Whispers over IRC username lowercase/uppercase


I have an IRC client which can receive and send whispers. There is a problem though. If the user is on the desktop Twitch website and they type /w username message, the whisper is received on the IRC client ok. If the user types /w Username message, with the first letter of the username in capital then whisper is not received on the IRC client but is still recognized by Twitch desktop.

Nothing is received in the raw logs of the IRC client when using Username with a capital. So is there anything I can do about this?

With Twitch’s ‘tab’ autocomplete feature the username is automatically capitalized which makes this annoying.



Can confirm, /w tduvaTest abc entered in Webchat is only received on the website while /w tduvatest abc entered in Webchat is received both on the website and in IRC (AWS). Doing the same thing from IRC seems to work fine though (e.g. PRIVMSG #jtv :/w Tduva abc).

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Thanks for confirming, hopefully a staff member will see this.

Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Appears to work, thanks. :slight_smile:

Awesome! thank you :smile:

To tack on the end.

All usernames are Lowercase.

Default Twitch will render a username with the first letter capitalised. If the user hasn’t set custom CaPitalISAtion on their name.

Over IRC you should always address a user by their lowercased name.
I anticipate that the web frontend auto complete uses the users selected capitalisation and ember handles this by lowercasing before send.

So in summary, on IRC you get given the name lowercased (and the CaPitalISAtion version is in IRCv3 tags) so just address a USER by their lowercase name for Whispers. Saves yourself some hassle if you programmatically use lowercases

This is not IRC commands we’re talking about though, this is a message to a channel that contains a command, which contains the username. Commands such as /mod or /ban appear to be intended to work case-insensitive in regards to usernames. While /w may be kind of a special command, it still appears to work the same in that regard and worked and still works case-insensitive when you send it through raw IRC.

Of course it may be safer to user lowercase anyway, but it’s only necessary for stuff like joining channels (which can sometimes be a pitfall when using a regular IRC client).

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