Whitelisted Panel URL not wokring

Whitelisted Panel URL not working:

(sample URL)

Same error on local and hosted test.


Whitelisting URL’s is to allow you to use a <a href="https://google.com/" target="_blank">Link</a> it is not for things you want to do a JS Fetch on.

You have misunderstood the purpose of the Whitelist.

You can JS Fetch to anything you want.

But Google disallows this, as Google has no CORS headers applied. As Google Doesn’t want you to JS Fetch Google.


Thank you.

Of course I do, because in Twitch API docs is no clear explanation for that:

In the code you’ve shown you’re not opening an external URL though, you’re just fetching data.

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You are not opening an external URL here

You are trying to fetch google, and google doesn’t allow being fetched via fetch