404 Not Found - extension not showing?

Hello, i created first test extension

on localhost working, but when i upload it on twitch host

i got only error 404 (https://tpfijnzfnwrr5pm8wb4za4z7jvxmew.ext-twitch.tv/). I’m confused and don’t know, what is bad. I would appreciate the advice or help to solve this problem.

Thank you and have a nice day

You zip file should contain your files and not a folder with your files in

Additionally the URLs/paths to your CSS/JS should bre relative URL’s not Absolute URL’s

I think my zip file contains only files, not next folder and inside files. I sended image in first post.
Nothing is shown on the twitch page. If everything was loaded and only css / js not, then there could be a problem in the link, but like this when the main page isn’t loaded?

Is there anything else in the console log?

Can you post a screenshot of the network tab of chrome inspector

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I’m sorry, im an idiot - , I’m overworked and tired, everything works. I tried to load a url link from the administration in my browser that didn’t work, but in the channel page - everything works as it should. I apologize for the unnecessary topic and wish you a nice day / night

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