A quesiton of "Hosted Test:Base URL"

I started developing my own extension two months ago.At the time,i use the url:“https://api.twitch.tv/extensions”,but i find the base url in configuration page now. How should I deal with this base url?IMG20190606_180749

The base URI is the URL that content is loaded from when in Local test.

In anything but local test this option has no use.

Thanks,but I am having a new problem and need your help. I tansfer extension under development to our official twitich account.I replace the new client_id and secret in backend server,and received 204 results returned by the twitch server.But the front page can’t recive data from twitch Pubsub.How can I find out where the problem is?

If you “transferred” sounds like you have the old extension installed rather than the new extension

In the twitch page, i remove old extension and install new extension in creator dashboard.But it also doesn’t work